Terry Tezzah Harris

TEZZAH is an English rock & blues guitarist and singer-songwriter. Born Terence William Harris in Exeter, Devon, England. Playing acoustic guitar from the age of 14 he quickly graduated to electric guitar and formed his first group, BACK STREET CARNIVAL, with his school friends Jon Roach and Mike Bostock.

Many line-up changes later found Terry living in a commune and playing with STEERING WHEEL. It was around 1968 when Terry formed the first line up of the infamous CROAKY JONES a touring rock band who travelled throughout the UK. The mid 70s found Terry living in Balham, London composing and playing with ABYSS.

The 80s was a tough time for rock and although Terry recorded and gigged with many different line-ups it is a period best forgotten.

Terry Harris

The 90s heralded a return to better times. Firstly in the shape of STEAM, with the Neal Reynolds penned single Mother Earth making the airwaves. Then around 1994 Terry decided to, once again form a band, to showcase his writing and guitar talents. This time, simply performing as the TERRY HARRIS BAND and featuring Terry along with Ian Loud, Martyn Stroud , and Riaan Vosloo . With the release of Nothin' To Lose in 1996 and subsequent tours and line-up changes Terry found himself spending more time at his house in France.

Terry Harris

A change of name to TEZZAH (Terrys nickname) and the release of I Used To Be Jungle, But Now I'm Rock 'n' Roll in 2001 led to many more tours and concerts and an ever increasing fan base. Today Terry continues to extensively tour Europe with his power trio TEZZAH, the TERRY HARRIS BAND and also exclusive blues concerts with TEZZAH (Plays The Blues).



Gibson Les Paul(s)
Crafter Accoustic
Marshall 100w
Ernie Ball Hybrid Slinky