Ted Draper

Ted Draper - Picture 1

Drummer Ted Draper was one of the original members of Croaky Jones.Ted Draper - Picture 2 Ted started playing drums at the age of 8 after 2 years of forgettable piano tuition. Ted preffered the drums "because they made more noise". Ted joined Croaky Jones in the sixties alongside Terry Harris, Brian Dicker and Terry Greenslade. Today, Ted plays jazz drums for Devon based jazz quartet “Take 4”. See details at or go to the links page.

Former members of Croaky Jones were re-united with Terry at the Carlton Theatre on the 14th May 2011 Croaky Jones Re-union May 2011 Click on Photo for a full pic. From left to right. Mick Goldsworthy (Bass), Brian Dicker (Vocals), Terry, Ted Draper (Drums).