Ian Loud

Ian Loud

Drummer, Ian Loud was born in Exeter, England. Ian has Ian Loud been playing drums since the age of fourteen. He also plays all other types of percussion instruments and is a classically trained pianist.

Ian has had a long association with guitarist Terry Harris, recording and touring together in Steering Wheel, Abyss,Ian Loud Terry Harris The Terry Harris Band and Tezzah. Ian has also been the drummer for Edison Lighthouse and the Mojos. In recent years, alongside his touring commitments Ian has created and run the Linhay Recording Studios.

Ian Loud Sweden 1979

Ianís hobbies include music, cycling and eating.

Ian lives in England and continues to record and tour with TEZZAH.


Tama Rockstar Custom

Remo, Evans (Snare)

Paiste, Zildjian

The kit is miked to the PA system using Mac-Mah drum microphones & Shure SM57's.