Rogan Child

Rogan Child

Bassist, Rogan Child was 13 when he bought his first bass guitar, this along with his bicycle led him on the path to a life of Rock ‘n’ Roll
Having played for many years in the UK Rogan moved to France in 2002 where he met Terry Harris. The rest, as they say, is history and Rogan is now the bassist with TEZZAH

Rogan Child
Rogan Child

Rogan's hobbies include music and F1.

Rogan Child continues to record and tour with TEZZAH.


Bass Guitars:
Musicman Stingray
Warwick Streamer standard, fitted with an Oscar Schmidt neck

Marshall MB450H
Musicman HD130
Trace Elliot GP11

Trace Elliot 1x18
Trace Elliot 1x15
Trace Elliot 2x10
Peavey Black widow 1x15

Digitech bass squeeze
Zoom B2.1U

Tuner Korg pitch black
Strap Minotaur
Strings, Ernie Ball Slinky Cobalt 50 70 85 105